Tuesday, August 08, 2006

"Zemeckis' ImageMovers moving to Disney?"

from animated-news.com:

TMZ.com breaks the news that Robert Zemeckis may be moving his ImageMovers production company to Disney, in a multi-year deal. In fact, the online publication calls the action "a cat's breath away" from occuring. Specializing in motion-capture technology, ImageMovers has been involved with such films as The Polar Express, Monster House, and next year's Beowulf. According to an insider, Disney CEO Robert Iger believes Disney's acquisition of Pixar last January was only the first step in the company's move toward leading the animation industry.

Supposedly, the deal currently being arranged with Zemeckis will have John Lasseter, Chief Creative Officer of Pixar and Walt Disney Feature Animation, consulting on all ImageMovers productions. Thus, the word is that Disney may very well be aiming to own all areas of animation: Pixar, for computer animation; Walt Disney Feature Animation, for traditional animation; and ImageMovers, for motion capture animation. The article ends with a notice that an official announcement, either confirming or denying the news at hand, could arrive as early as next week.

08/08/2006: "Zemeckis' ImageMovers moving to Disney?"

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