Wednesday, September 06, 2006

shh-LIFE! - REPOST: The Fear of moving past blocking..

Good advice for newer animators.

"The more you know, the more fear you have.

Seems to be a rule true of many things.. tree climbing for example. Before you know about gravity and how much breaking an arm can hurt, you really don’t worry that much about falling out of the tree, you just sorta climb on up there and monkey around. It isn’t until you see your friend slip and fall and break her arm when you think “ohh.. wait.. this can be painful…” and you start to worry.

The same is true about animation.

When many animators first start animating they just move things around willy nilly, making things go this way.. that way.. etc. They have no fears, they just move things.

Granted, their animations may looks like ass squished up against a large pile of roadkill, but at least they have no fear." (full article at link) shh-LIFE! - REPOST: The Fear of moving past blocking..

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tonymation said...

Dude that is so true... I block without care, and when it comes time to animate, I have this overwhelming feeling of where to begin or that I'm gonna screw up my pretty poses. I have to really push myself thru the wall of moving into animating, and then I remember that its fun once I get to a certain point.