Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wall-E, Presto, Kung Fu Panda... I got some Academy Awards screeners...

This is always a cool time of year for me, I get Academy Awards screeners of animated films! So far I have Wall-E, Presto (Pixar's short film by Doug Sweetland), if you haven't listened to the interview with him at Spline Doctors, I highly recommend it!

Spline Doctors - Doug Sweetland Part 1
Spline Doctors - Doug Sweetland Part 2

I held up the the casings of the screeners to my Class 1 students at Animation Mentor tonight, they ooh'd and aaah'd, which made me laugh. I'm such a nerd with these screeners, I get excited this time of year when I see a padded tan envelope in the mail for me, I know the goodies are here!

It's a great treat, and a good reminder of the hard work that goes into these films.

Everyone have a great holiday season!

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