Friday, March 06, 2009

The Natural History of Cars

I love the whole thought behind this post, how he is creeped out by living cars, why do then need carseats? I'll have to send this to some friends over at Pixar and get their thoughts on it.

The Natural History of Cars

A disturbing question from my son: “Daddy, is Lightning McQueen a robot?”

I’ve had actual nightmares about the automobile-populated world of Cars. Thinking in terms of evolution, imagine some kind of micromechanical start to life. Instead of clay hosting self-reproducing crystals of increasing complexity (or however earth-based biology got bootstrapped), imagine gear-and-spring level origins, with currents of water or wind supplying wind-up energy; later refinements might have involved burning fuel, taking advantage of solar power or natural radioactive sources, and cannibalizing the power sources of other mechanicals.

Obviously there are plants in Carsworld. Parallel development of a DNA-based biosphere solves the problem of the source of the mechanical’s fossil fuels (they get it out of the ground like we do) and where their oxygen comes from (plants make it).

But separate-but-equal evolution doesn’t solve the anthropomorphic issues. Why do cars have windows and seats and locks on doors? It’s like the people stepped out just before the film was made. It’s spooky.

So I don’t think that Cars evolved on their own. It’s just too much coincidence. We made ‘em, that’s obvious."

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Collin Shepherd said...

Hey Paul,
Its been a while! I thought I would stock some of my old teachers and add them to my blog, so try not to be too creeped out.

I was trying to read your blog but the only thing that was going through my head was "time becomes loop".

Hope things are going well for ya.


Monkeyman said...

Hey, great to hear from you, Collin! Yeah, I love that YouTube Doubler with Worf talking about the mobius. :D

How goes classes?

Collin Shepherd said...

Haha. Yeah it was funny. My brother and I thought it was even more funny when I kept clicking on the youtube links and got 8 of them playing at the same time.

Things are going great. This animation deal is a ton harder than I ever guessed it would be but I feel like I'm really starting to establish an effective workflow for myself, which makes all the difference in the world. I think I'm fianally comming around.

How are things going in the texas-gaming world?

Monkeyman said...

lol, classic, a cacophony of noise!

All is good on my end, 'Ghostbusters' is going to release in June, looking forwards to getting it out there!